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Attorney Cathleen Scott

Leading The Way in California Labor & Employment Law

California Employment Lawyer

You may have to work for a paycheck, but you should not have to work for fair treatment. At Scott • Wagner and Associates, we fight for your rights in the workplace.

Unfortunately, not all employers and coworkers treat those around them with the courtesy and respect that they deserve. When these and other injustices cross the line from simply rude to discriminatory, harassing, or retaliatory, you may have an opportunity to file a civil lawsuit against that party, helping to stop further harassment from taking place while also being able to collect the compensation you deserve. Contact our experienced California employment lawyers today, we can help.

About Us

When it comes to unacceptable workplace practices and behavior, navigating the legal system can be difficult. Here at Scott • Wagner and Associates, we navigate for our clients who have been harassed or discriminated against in the workplace. We offer consultation, legal representation, and other forms of assistance for those who have been wrongfully terminated, or been denied overtime pay, sick time, or their paid time off. Sometimes, all you need is one-time advice about how to handle a current work situation. We can help. Contact Scott • Wagner and Associates today for a consultation.

Our practice can provide legal assistance and consultation to employees who need help in any of the following areas:

  • Discrimination (national origin, race, religion, disability, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender, and age);
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) Charges of Discrimination;
  • Employee Rights;
  • Employment Contracts;
  • Equal Pay (California Fair Pay Act and the Equal Pay Act);
  • Disability Accommodations
  • Implied Contracts;
  • Sexual Harassment;
  • Harassment;
  • Housing Discrimination;
  • Labor and Employment Law;
  • Medical Leave Violations (Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act (CFRA));
  • National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) violations;
  • Non-Compete Agreements;
  • Public Employee Disputes;
  • Retaliation for Reporting Harassment;
  • Retaliatory Discharge;
  • Failure to Correct Harassment in the Workplace;
  • Civil Rights Violations;
  • Misclassification (Independent Contractor or Employee and Overtime Exemptions);
  • PAGA Claims;
  • Employment Class Action Claims;
  • Unemployment;
  • Unlawful wage deductions;
  • Unpaid wages (last paycheck, overtime, bonus, vacation, rest breaks, meal periods)
  • Wage and Hour Disputes;
  • Whistleblower Cases; and
  • Wrongful Termination.

Fighting for Fairness and Justice in the Workplace

Got labor pains? We get it. At Scott • Wagner and Associates, we have been actively representing employees in workplace disputes for over fifteen (15) years – with offices in Florida and California.

At our California office location, we are here to fight for you – devoting our practice to exclusively representing employees and advocating for the rights of victims of discrimination and harassment.

Our clients are our top priority. Regardless of your position – whether it be CEO or entry level – or your collar (white or blue), you have rights in the workplace. We are honored for the opportunity to pursue those rights on your behalf.

No one should have to suffer from discrimination and harassment in the workplace, regardless of whether it is your boss or your coworker, and we dedicate our practice to protecting your rights – whether that be through consultations, administrative processes, informal negotiations, or litigation. We do what it takes for you to see justice – even if that means going to court – we get results.

We represent clients who need legal assistance in cases that involve sexual harassment, retaliation, discrimination, wrongful termination, employment contracts, whistleblowing, and many other employment-related issues. We also represent clients with wage disputes – including unpaid wages, minimum wage violations, unpaid overtime, misclassification, or unpaid meal breaks.

If your employer is violating your rights, you should contact an employment lawyer right away. Your claims could be subject to strict filing deadlines.

If you are the victim of harassment, wage disputes, civil rights violations, or discrimination in the workplace, please contact our Los Angeles offices of Scott • Wagner and Associates today to discuss your case and schedule a consultation. We will discuss an evaluation of your claims as well as an overview of your rights, let our California labor & employment lawyers help you.

Litigation and Consultation

We are prepared to take your discrimination or harassment employment dispute to court if necessary.Lindsey Wagner is an experienced attorney aggressively pursuing the rights of employees throughout the state of California and Florida. The first action you need to take in order to resolve your employment dispute is to schedule a consultation to understand your federal and California state workplace rights.

A consultation does not always mean that a case will go to court. For example, some consultations result in the initiation of settlement proceedings, while other clients may realize that they no longer need our services. Sometimes, all you need is to understand your rights under the law and answers to your questions about what you’re experiencing in the workplace is illegal. You may just need assistance in drafting a complaint to Human Resources or your employer. We can assist you with these questions and more during your consultation.

We Pride Ourselves in Only Representing Employees and Provide Zealous Advocacy for your Employment Disputes

In California, we only represent employees – and we do so throughout the entire state of California.. Being narrowly focused on employee rights means that we have developed a vast pool of experience and knowledge in this area. If you have any questions regarding your rights in the workplace, or believe your rights in the workplace may have been violated, contact us immediately.

We Strive to Educate

Employees are often unaware of certain laws regarding their rights in the workplace – and that is why we are here to help. For example, did you know that the California Fair Pay Act, SB 358 requires equal pay for employees of difference sexes when performing substantially similar work under similar working conditions? Or that under California’s recently enacted SB 1063 employers are prohibited from paying employees of one race or ethnicity less than similarly situated employees of a different race or ethnicity? What about the law that you cannot be required to work during your rest break and that if you work over five hours in a day, you are entitled to a meal break of at least 30 minutes?

One of our most valuable services is educate employees of their rights. Knowledge is power and it is never more true than when you have to stand up for yourself against a party that has been oppressing or taking advantage of you.

Contact Our Experienced California Employment Lawyers Today

Employment cases are often complex and may be challenging to resolve without proper legal representation from a labor and employment attorney experienced in this area of law. We can help.

During a consultation, you can ask the questions regarding your rights as an employee in California and whether those rights have been violated. By seeking advice of a labor and employment attorney at Scott • Wagner and Associates, you will learn how to take advantage of your rights in the workplace.

If your employer is violating your rights, you should contact an experienced employment lawyer right away. Your claims could be subject to strict filing deadlines. Give our California employment lawyers a call today to set up a consultation.

We offer free initial consultations by phone – so you can get the answers to your most important employment law questions on the go and at your convenience. Need representation? A consultation is the first step. Call the law firm of Scott • Wagner and Associates today to schedule your consultation.

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    — Melonie D
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    — Paul
  • I would like to sincerely thank you for your services…the office is very professional. Ms. Lindsey Wagner is very pleasant and informative. If I need any legal help, I would definitely use your office.

    — Victoria
  • Ms. Wagner was very professional, knowledgeable, and painted a realistic picture of my legal issues.

    — Spencer
  • Scott Wager & Associates has shown considerable professionalism and consideration in understand my case

    — Wayne Z.
  • I was very satisfied with the service and the honest, straightforward answers.

    — Arun T.
  • Very Thorough and very affordable... Staff all extremely helpful.

    — Rachel H.
  • The service has been very good.

    — Maxine S.
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Our California Employment Lawyers Can Help You Navigate Workplace Issues.

Why are we focused solely on Florida and California employment law? We believe that there should be justice, respect, and equality in the workplace. No matter who you are, no matter your position, we are here to defend your rights. By focusing our professional efforts in employment and labor law, we have been able to explore more facets of this area of law and to reach a level of experience that we could not have reached had our attention been divided. As a result, we are one of the most reputable employment law firms in the country, with some nationally recognized cases.

We are also here to educate. Whether you are an employee or an employer, you may have obligations and responsibilities in the workplace, in addition to certain rights. Many of our clients do not know their obligations, but we are here to help. The more you know, the better you can stand up for yourself. Contact our experienced Florida and California labor law and employment law attorneys.

Need Some One-Time Advice?

Not everyone is ready to take their employment dispute to trial. Not everyone needs to. But everyone can benefit from our affordable expertise. Perhaps you think you need an attorney to represent you in a disagreement with your employer or employee, when all you really need is some behind-the-scenes guidance. We are here to help.

At Scott Wagner and Associates, P.A., we recognize that finding a place where you can get a quick answer to your quick question is easier said than done. This is why we make it a point to always be available through our paid consultations. In talking with us, you might learn that you don’t have a case, but we can still bring you some peace of mind and knowledge of your rights. Contact our experienced

There is always a lawyer in the office ready to take your call. Call us, video teleconference us, or come in person to our Jupiter, West Palm Beach or Los Angeles offices. It doesn’t matter how; the important thing is that you ask us your questions—we are here to answer them. We are a technology-driven office capable of video teleconferencing via Skype and FaceTime as well. At the time of your consultation, come with any questions you might have—about policies, state laws, federal laws, or just general questions. From there, we can guide you to your next steps.

We Prioritize Efficiency and Sustainability.

We do law, but it's not our only passion. One of our core values as a business is sustainability – that is why we are honored to be a registered benefit corporation – and are proud to be one of the first law firms to do so. We care about the environment and take steps in our office to make sure we are following the most eco-friendly business practices. We truly believe that when we utilize technology to its fullest capacity, everyone wins. That’s why we use tablets around our office and have virtually gone paperless. Not only does this benefit the environment, it also increases our efficiency in our document management, practice management, and our communication with our clients. We have a responsibility to our environment, just as we have a responsibility to our clients, and we don’t take our responsibilities lightly.

We’re Members of the National Employment Lawyers Association – and More.

We excel inside our own four walls, but we also are highly involved in multiple organizations, constantly striving to better ourselves professionally. Three of our four attorneys are active members of the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA). Cathleen Scott, the firm’s founder, serves on the Executive Committee for the Florida Labor and Employment Law Section, is the current Southern District Area Representative (former VP) to the Association’s Florida Chapter (Florida NELA), is a member of the Florida Association of Women’s Lawyers (FAWL), and regularly lectures on employment law and alternative dispute resolution. Lindsey Wagner holds various positions—such as Vice Chair and Co-Chair—in the local chapters of national organizations. In other words, we know our stuff.

Give us a call or request a consultation so we can talk about your situation. Our California labor and employment attorneys are here to help.


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