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Can A California Employer Fire Someone For Having A Workplace Romance?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

Forbes magazine reports results from a recent survey finding that four out of 10 employees have dated someone at work; 17 percent have done it twice. But what about those workplace policies banning fraternization or interoffice relationships?  Are they legal? And can you be subject to disciplinary action (or even termination) if your employer… Read More »


Reasonable Accommodation and the Rights of Disabled Employees in California

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

Most employees working for employers of five (5) or more employees are covered under the state disability laws in California – and those working with bigger companies may also be covered under the federal disabilities laws . The Americans With Disabilities (ADA) covers businesses with at least 15 workers, while the California Fair Employment… Read More »


California Women Continue to Struggle for Equal Pay in Public, Private Employment

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

“Equal pay for equal work” has been a longstanding goal of federal and state laws designed to eliminate the wage gap between men and women in the workplace. Unfortunately, simply passing laws does not magically undo the effects of decades of employment discrimination. Even in California, a state that is noted for its progressive… Read More »


Is It Legal to Discriminate Against an Employee Who Uses Medical Marijuana in California?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

California law traditionally protects employees from workplace discrimination based on a medical condition. But the law also permits employers to conduct drug testing of employees, under certain circumstances, to screen for the presence of illegal drugs. This can present a problem for patients who require medical marijuana to treat a legitimate medical condition. Although… Read More »


Will California Take Steps to Stop “Familial Status” Discrimination?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

Although laws prohibiting sex discrimination in employment have been on the books in California for decades, women still face an uphill battle in many workplaces to be free from discrimination. One reason for this is that while some employers may not harbor any bias against women in general, they may still feel that certain… Read More »


Working with a Disability: Your Rights as a Employee in California

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

With the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act nearly three decades ago, employees working for covered employers gained protections from discrimination on the basis of their disability as well as assurances of the rights to accommodations for their disability. In California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) contains even stronger protections for… Read More »


What is the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and What Happens After I File a Complaint?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

If you live and work in California, you may have questions about the state agencies that handle employment discrimination claims. More specifically, what is the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH)? And if you do file a complaint, what is the process for moving forward once you get the complaint filed? We… Read More »


Can My California Employer Enforce a Non-Compete Agreement?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

If you work for a California employer who requires that you sign a covenant not to compete, or a non-compete agreement, can it be enforced against you in California if you end up leaving your job for a new position elsewhere? Generally, California does not permit non-compete agreements to be enforced as against public… Read More »


Family Leave Protections Extended to 2.8 Million More Workers in California as of January 1, 2018

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

More than 2.8 million California employees have something to celebrate this year. Effective  January 1, 2018, SB 63 becomes law, giving those employees working for small businesses the opportunity to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to bond with their newborn, for adoption, or for placement of a foster child without the… Read More »


California Employees and Paid Meal Breaks

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

In California, are all employees entitled to a paid meal break or a paid rest break? While there are no meal or rest break requirements under federal law, California state law does have laws regarding employees’ breaks and rest periods – and hefty implications for employers who do not follow these laws. Bona Fide… Read More »

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