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Fresno Employment Lawyer

Employment disputes are very stressful and ripe with pitfalls for employees. There is an inherent power imbalance between workers and their employers. Unsurprisingly, many employees never try to vindicate their rights, instead silently suffering discrimination and wage theft.

At Scott Wagner and Associates, P.A., we aim to change this situation. Our Fresno employment lawyers have represented workers in a variety of cases. We always have our clients’ best interests at heart and strive to obtain the best result possible. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.

A Worker’s Right to Fair Pay

California workers are entitled to:

  • A minimum wage. The amount changes each year and depends on the size of your employer. As of 2020, workers are entitled to either $12.00 or $13.00 an hour, which will increase in 2021.
  • Pay for all hours worked. Your employer should not require “off the clock” work before or after a shift. All work, no matter how short in duration, should be compensated.
  • Overtime pay. Workers are entitled to 1.5 their regular rate of pay when they work long hours and even double pay in certain situations.
  • Meal and rest breaks. An employer must relieve you of all duties or pay a penalty otherwise.

Failure to pay workers what they are entitled to is wage theft, plain and simple. Our Fresno lawyers can file a wage complaint in the appropriate forum for you.

A Workers’ Right to Be Free of Discrimination

Sadly, discrimination is alive and well in California, despite our progressive reputation. It is illegal to take a negative employment action against an employee because of a protected characteristic, such as race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Workplaces should also be free of harassment, including sexual harassment.

Discrimination is not always easy to see. An employee might have a neutral policy or procedure that they selectively enforce against certain groups. The policy or regulation also might not have any business purpose but disproportionately impact a protected class.

No employer should retaliate against a worker who complains of discrimination, either. Fortunately, the laws provide ample protections when an employer demotes or terminates you.

Fair and Free Contracts

If you are negotiating a contract, you should expect it to be slanted in your employer’s favor. Many employers include illegal terms, including non-compete or nondisclosure agreements. Work with an attorney to negotiate a contract that is fair.

At our firm, we have ample experience with employment contracts, separation agreements, and nondisclosure agreements. We will fight to make the contract fairer for you.

Holding Employers Accountable

When an employer violates your rights under the law or a contract, we can help. Each employment case is different, and vindicating your rights requires a different approach. We sometimes must file an administrative complaint first. In other cases, we can sue or pursue arbitration for the employee.

Please Call Our Fresno Employment Law Attorneys Today

Employers have large law firms in their corner. You need someone who has your back as well. At Scott Wagner and Associates, we can help with any employment law dispute you have, so please schedule a consultation with our firm.

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