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Sacramento Employment Lawyer

Sacramento workers prop up the local economy, contributing billions of dollars each year with their labor. Unfortunately, employers do not always treat workers fairly. From denying workers a minimum wage or overtime pay to wrongful termination, many employers flout the law because they do not believe workers will stand up for themselves.

If you have an employment dispute, please contact our Sacramento employment lawyers at Scott Wagner and Associates today. Let us be your voice.

Workers Deserve to Be Paid

Both California and the federal government have passed powerful laws to protect workers. Under these laws, it is illegal to:

  • Deny workers a minimum wage. As of 2020, California’s minimum wage is $12.00 or $13.00 an hour, depending on the size of the employer.
  • Refuse to pay overtime. California law grants time and a half in many situations, including when employees work more than 40 hours in a week or more than 8 hours in a day.
  • Fail to pay for all hours worked. Employers often cheat employees by not counting all work, especially tasks done before or after a shift.
  • Deny required meals and rest breaks. Workers should be relieved of all duties during these breaks, otherwise they are really still working.

If you have not been fairly paid for all the work you do, contact us. We can review and possibly file a wage complaint on your behalf.

Employers Must Not Discriminate or Retaliate

California has led the nation with its antidiscrimination law, which prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of many protected characteristics such as race, gender religion, and sexual orientation. It is also illegal to harass a worker, including to sexually harass them, based on a protected characteristic.

When workers complain about discrimination or harassment, employers are prohibited from retaliating or taking any negative employment action. A worker should not see his or her hours cut or be denied training opportunities available to other employees.

Blowing the whistle on discriminatory conduct is never easy, and workers must satisfy certain administrative requirements before they can file a lawsuit. Speak with a Sacramento employment law attorney to learn more.

Contract Negotiations Must Be Fair

Employees need someone to help them negotiate fair contracts, including employment contracts and separation agreements. Employers often slant these agreements so that they are unfair to the worker. Only a seasoned Sacramento general employment law attorney can carefully review and fight to include provisions that protect your rights.

Remedies Are Available

Employees do not have to suffer in silence when employers trample over the law. A range of remedies are available depending on the violation. For example, if you were not paid overtime, you can seek the amount owed along with liquidated damages as a penalty.

If you were wrongfully terminated, you can seek back pay, job reinstatement, promotion, lost benefits, and other compensatory damages. Many clients also qualify for attorneys’ fees, which makes bringing a lawsuit the sensible step.

Contact Our Sacramento Employment Lawyers Today

You work hard, and you deserve to be treated fairly. Scott Wagner and Associates has helped many Sacramento employees fight for what they deserve. If you would like to discuss your dispute confidentially with one of our lawyers, call us today.

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