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Sacramento Wage & Hour Lawyer

Every worker deserves to be paid fair wages, and California has helpfully passed some of the strongest laws in the nation to protect workers. Unfortunately, many employers either don’t understand these laws or intentionally break them.

Wage theft is a serious problem in Sacramento, as it is in the rest of California. If you suspect you are not being paid all the wages you have earned, contact a Sacramento wage & hour lawyer today to review your case.

Unpaid Wages

Employers steal wages from employees in a variety of ways. Some of the more common include:

  • Not paying the minimum wage. The minimum wage changes every year and depends on the size of an employer. As of 2020, the minimum wage is $12.00 an hour for smaller employers and $13.00 for larger ones.
  • Requiring an employee to work off the clock, such as cleaning up a store or stocking shelves before or after a shift.
  • Rounding time in a way that disadvantages an employee. For example, always rounding 14 minutes down to 0 instead of up to 15.

Even those who earn tips must be paid the minimum wage under California law, and an employer should make up any shortfall. When they don’t, a worker is being denied his or her fair wage.

Unpaid Overtime

California has some of the most “worker friendly” overtime laws in the country. Key features include requiring 1.5 the employee’s pay for the following:

  • All hours worked over 40 in a week.
  • All hours worked over 8 in a day, up to and including the 12th hour.
  • If you work seven straight days, then the first 8 hours on the seventh day.

In some situations, employers also must pay double your pay rate:

  • For all hours worked over 12 in a day.
  • For all hours worked in excess of 8 hours on the seventh consecutive day of work

For example, Monica might work 45 hours in a week and regularly earn $20.00 an hour. Five of those hours must be paid at time and half, which for her is $30.

Similarly, if Monica works 14 hours in a day, then four of those hours must be at time and a half. Two more hours must be double pay.

Some employees are exempt from the overtime rules—but not as many as you would think. For example, many salaried employees qualify, even though many employers claim all salaried employees are exempt.

Meals & Rest Breaks

Employees are entitled to certain rest breaks in a day to non-exempt employees:

  • One 30-minute off-duty meal break to those who work more than 5 hours in a day.
  • One 10-minute rest break for every 4 hours that an employee works.

Employees must be relieved of duties during the break; otherwise, it is not really a break. Unfortunately, many employers pressure workers to stay at their desks or workstations. Other employees wrongly claim that the worker is exempt from the rules. If you are denied a meal or rest break, then an employer must pay a penalty. You might also be entitled to wages.

Contact a Sacramento Wage & Hour Lawyer Today

You work hard, and you should be paid accordingly. When an employer cheats you out of your wages, fight back by calling Scott Wagner and Associates, P.A. We can get the wages you are owed and any other remedies available under the law.

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